"As we spoke to the artist, Marcus Jansen, I told him I believed he was the originator of a new movement which I called “Urban Expressionism” and that I believed that there will be many followers in this new style. But there will only be one Marcus Jansen.

- Jerome A. Donson(Art Historian and Director of the American Vanguard Exhibitions Europe 1961)


"From Robert Henri, Willem de Kooning, Arshile Gorky to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jansen is an american, or better a newyorker, to the marrow. I think he represents, together with british artists Cecily Brown and Peter Doig, the best part of the great contemporary art, that is rising, in terms of criticism, audience."

- Paolo Manazza, Art Critic,(Founder of Artslife.com), Milano, Italy